Christopher Thomas Emery​​
Composer | Tenor |Director



Private lessons in composition, music theory or voice.  Lessons are available in home, or at studio location  at $45 per hour, with reduced rates when lessons are purchased in "packages" of 5 or more. 

To schedule an initital voice or theory lesson, please use the contact form

To inquire about composition lessons, please email, outlining your experience; please attach PDF samples of your work, if available.
The two most important details regarding your commission will be for whom will the piece be written, and when will the rehearsal process begin/when and where will the premiere take place?  Establishing a time-line will be integral to the completion of a successful and effective piece of music. 

If the work will be commissioned for a specific ensemble, sample recordings will be helpful; each ensemble has a specific sound, and I'd very much like to tailor the work to complement the performer or ensemble in question.

To begin a discussion regarding your commission, time-lines, and rates use the   contact form   for initial inquiry. Time-frames, rates, and other consideration will vary project to project: please keep this in mind upon initial inquiry.


Music engraving/part generation, and proof-reading.
Clients will be supplied with engraved PDF, and Sibelius 8 files; hard-copies available upon request. 

Quotes will be based on assessment of full project. Complexity/density of score, activity of measures, and time-line of project will be relevant factors in determining rates for pieces.

Clients for music arranging must supply adequate proof of copyright/permissions before the arrangement is considered.

Sample work available upon request; if custom house-style/fonts are required, please specify in initial inquiry.